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Why to consider new home insurance

By July 16, 2020 Insurance

If you own your house or condo, odds are, you finance or financed it through a bank or lease. Being the clever lenders that they are, they realize that their investment is one natural disaster away from complete destruction and demand that you have condo insurance or homeowners insurance to make sure they’re protected. Like we said: smart people! In many cases, they recommend a specific company to new tenants. Many new homeowners just sign up for that insurance and go along their merry way. Nothing’s inherently wrong with that, and it’s a good thing they’re protected. But they could be missing out on some significant home insurance savings.

Depending on a large variety of circumstances, home insurance can be a pretty significant investment, no matter where you get it from. That being said, why pay more than you need to? Kemper Insurance may offer cheaper insurance than what you have now. Admittedly, it may not. But you can get a quote pretty quickly; get an online quote or find a local agent right now! What do you have to lose?

And if your excuse is, “I have everything to lose! If I get a quote right now, I’ll miss my son’s important soccer game and he’ll be really mad,” you may have something there. We didn’t literally mean you have to get a quote right this moment. Do it when you have a bit of down time; we’ll be ready when you are, we promise! (: